Abstract of lesson
This is a self-paced computer-based activity targeting the structure of text and how understanding the purpose of text features will help you identify the main idea.

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Ask your teacher during the live class sessions.

Scoring Rubric

You will use this rubric to evaluate whether or not you have met the targets.



Main Idea

  • Determine importance using main idea and supporting details in informational text
  1. State both literal and/or inferred main ideas and provide supporting text-based details.
  2. Choose, from multiple choices, a title that best fits the selection and provide details from the text to support the choice
  3. Select from muliple choices, a sentence that best states the main idea of the selection
  4. Organize main idea and supporting details into a graphic organizer to enhance comprehension
1. Understand You will use the following site to post and discuss your understanding of main idea. You will need to enroll and wait for your teacher's acceptance before you can submit and chat.
2. Practice (When done, print your score & turn in)
3. Apply your understanding
Part I: Read Making an Outline to review purpose and structure (see resources)
Part II: Read the following article "American Captured as Taliban Fighter"
Part III: Using the interactive outline, note the main ideas and supporting details. Don't forget to submit when done.
Part IV: Go to collaborize classroom and follow the
Comparing My Outline: Main Idea chatter. http://bruinchatter.collaborizeclassroom.com


  • Summarize informational text
Write a summary that includes:
  • an introductory statement,
  • main ideas, and supporting text-based details;
  • make connections among the key ideas from the entire text,
  • use own words in an objective voice,
  • is accurate to the original text,
  • and avoids interpretation or judgment

Purdue OWL lab
1. Understand: read through the resources and take notes on the main ideas. Create a mind map summarizing how to write a summary. Use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint's Smart Art to create your mind map. Submit your assignment by email or print and turn in to the LA tray.
Remember to include name, date, and assignment
2. Go to Bruin Chatter to Evaluating Summaries
You will need:
3. Assessment: choose your grade, then read the following article and answer the questions
Grade 7:
Grade 8:

Text Features

  • Apply understanding of printed and electronic text features to locate information and comprehend text
  • Use text features to verify, support, or clarify understanding
  • Select, from multiple choices, the purpose of a specific text feature and information learned from a text feature
Identify & Analyze Text Structures

Text Structures
  • Learn about the five different text structures, how to recognize them and how you can structure a paragraph using a specific type.